Colorado Springs indoor golf lounge offers lessons, game improving technology

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — The popularity of golf took off during the pandemic and the game’s momentum isn’t slowing down.

According to recent stats, 24.8 million golfers played in 2020, it’s an increase of 500,000 and is the largest increase in 17 years.

Here in Colorado Springs, Tribe Golf has a new indoor golf lounge opened its doors in February. Leighton Smith is a PGA golf professional, coach, and owner of Tribe Golf.

“We brought Tribe Golf to Colorado Springs for two main reasons. One because as you mentioned golf is booming and really what we do is focus on coaching so anywhere from junior golfers, right in that middle school level, all the way through senior level. The other dynamic here is creating a chill environment where people can come play, hang out, have a beer, eat some pizza, whatever it is to have a good time and play golf,” said Smith.

The golf lounge offers simulators using TrackMan simulators. The simulators can be set up for lessons, playing on different courses, or playing different games.

“TrackMan technology is what we use here at Tribe Golf and honestly it’s the best of the best. What TrackMan does for us is you can play virtual golf, so this hole right here is set up down in Cabo. Come in play nines holes play 18 holes whether you want to practice for 20 minutes or a couple hours this provides that,” said Smith.

For more information on Tribe Golf, click here.

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