Washington Police Chief Hosting Scams, Parents and Technology Presentations | KCI Radio

The Washington Public Library is offering a program to educate adults on how to avoid falling prey to a phone or internet scam next week.

Washington Police Chief Jim Lester is leading a presentation titled “Scams and Identity Theft: Protecting Yourself Online.’ Lester tells KCII that his department responds to internet-related crimes weekly, and he shares some of what his program will cover, “We’re going to talk about the grandparents scam, we’ll talk about the IRS or social security scams that people get phone calls on, text scams, the unemployment scams, even text message scams. We’ll talk about those types of things that can happen over the telephone first and then we’ll get into online, what they need to be looking for, watching out for those suspicious emails and things like that.”

This free program will take place at 2 pm Tuesday, April 19th. Lester will also be hosting a presentation titled “Parents and the Technology Talk: Risks, Choices, and Consequences” at 6 pm Monday, April 25th at the library. You can hear more about these programs during Friday’s Halcyon House Washington Page on air and at kciiradio.com.

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