Here’s What People in 1989 Imagined Home Technology Would Be Like in 2020 — GeekTyrant

It’s always been fascinating to see how people of the past envisioned the future. Some people got eerily close to the way that things turned out, while others were hilariously far from what happened.

I’ve got an amusing video here for you to watch that aired on the BBC in 1989 titled Tomorrow’s World 2020, and it features people discussing and showing us what home technology would be like by 2020.

What are the biggest changes to our homes going to be by the year 2020? Will the house of the future be environmentally friendly? What new materials might they be manufactured from, and what new technology will we be living with?

Tomorrow’s World’s Judith Hann and Howard Stableford enlist the help of futurist Christine MacNulty and glass technology specialist David Button to predict how we might be living in 30 years time, and make a mock-up house in the studio.

There are some things they actually get right, there are also some things that are sure to make you laugh. One thing they definitely couldn’t predict was that the style of furniture would change.

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