Rune Factory 5: Complete Guide To Cooking

Cooking is a great way to make money, buff your stats, and build a stash of delicious healing items in Rune Factory 5.

Rune Factory 5 Frying Pan Process

Cooking is one of the biggest parts of the crafting mechanic in Rune Factory 5. Within weeks of game time, you’ll have acquired so many cooking stations that your bedroom is absolutely cluttered with the things.

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You can start buying from Studio Palmo these once you have acquired the various Cooking Licenses from Eliza. Once you have the right stations, you can start cooking using recipes learned by consuming Recipe Bread. It’s also possible to cook without using recipes if you have the right ingredients and a guide like this one (hopefully, specifically this one!) – but be aware that cooking something without the recipe will cost more RP than usual and might fail if the recipe level is higher than your Cooking skill level.


Cooking Table Recipes

Dish Level Ingredients
Onigiri 2 Rice
Pickled Turnip 4 Turnip
Bamboo Rice 7 Rice, Bamboo Sprout
Pickles 10 Cucumber
Pickled Turnip 12 Pink Turnip
Cheese 22 Sour Drop, Milk (S)
Salmon Onigiri 20 Salted Salmon, Rice
Sandwich 34 Bread, Cucumber, Eggs
Fruit Sandwich 35 Bread, Strawberry
Pickle Mix 48 Turnip, Pink Turnip
Relax Tea Leaves 50 Green Grass, Blue Grass, Yellow Grass, Orange Grass, Purple Grass, White Grass
Octopus Rice 55 Rice, Octopus
Salad 67 Mayonnaise, Cucumber, Tomato, Cabbage
Turnip Heaven 96 Turnip, Pink Turnip, Golden Turnip
Gold Octopus Rice 98 Rice, Gold Octopus

Frying Pan Recipes

Dish Level Ingredients
Salted Pond Smelt 6 Pond Smelt, Sour Drop
Salted Pike 8 Pike, Sour Drop
Salted Masu Trout 9 Masu Trout, Sour Drop
Baked Apple 9 Apple
Salted Cherry Salmon 12 Cherry Salmon, Sour Drop
Grilled Needlefish 12 Needlefish, Sour Drop
Grilled Squid 13 Squid, Sour Drop
Grilled Crucian Carp 14 Crucian Carp, Sour Drop
Grilled Sand Flounder 15 Sand Flounder, Sour Drop
Grilled Girella 16 Girella, Sour Drop
Grilled Mackerel 16 Mackerel, Sour Drop
Salted Salmon 17 Salmon, Sour Drop
Grilled Shrimp 18 Shrimp, Sour Drop
Salted Char 19 Char, Sour Drop
Grilled Gibelio 19 Gibelio, Sour Drop
Rolled Eggs 20 Eggs
Grilled Turbot 21 Turbot, Sour Drop
Salted Chub 23 Chub, Sour Drop
French Fries 24 Oil, Potato
Dried Sardines 24 Sardines, Sardines, Sardines
Salted Rainbow Trout 27 Rainbow Trout, Sour Drop
Omelet 28 Milk, Eggs
Fried Rice 30 Rice, Oil, Eggs
Miso Eggplant 31 Eggplant
French Toast 31 Bread, Eggs
Grilled Flounder 31 Flounder, Sour Drop
Star Hash Browns 32 Oil, Starfall Potato
Croquettes 33 Oil, Potato, Eggs
Tempura 36 Oil, Flour, Shrimp, Eggs
Grilled Skipjack 37 Skipjack, Sour Drop
Grilled Lobster 41 Lobster, Sour Drop
Donut 46 Oil, Flour, Butter, Egg (M)
Grilled Butter Abalone 47 Abalone, Butter
Risotto 48 Rice, Wine, Butter
Pancakes 49 Flour, Honey, Milk, Eggs
Popcorn 51 Corn
Grilled Snapper 51 Snapper, Sour Drop
Corn Cereal 53 Corn, Milk
Popcorn Star 54 Starfall Corn
Grilled Lamp Squid 54 Lamp Squid, Sour Drop
Grilled Fall Flounder 58 Fall Flounder, Sour Drop
Curry Bread 59 Oil, Flour, Curry
Omelet Rice 60 Omelet, Rice, Ketchup
Fried Veggies 62 Cabbage
Cabbage Cakes 64 Flour, Cabbage, Leek, Eggs
Sautéed Swordfish 65 Swordfish, Butter
Grilled Lover Snapper 66 Lover Snapper, Sour Drop
Grilled Yellowtail 69 Yellowtail, Sour Drop
Grilled Blowfish 72 Blowfish, Sour Drop
Cutlassfish Tamago Toji 73 Cutlassfish, Egg (S)
Tuna Teriyaki 75 Tune, Sour Drop
Grilled King Crab 75 King Crab
Grilled Sunsquid 78 Sunsquid, Sour Drop
Salted Taimen 80 Taimen, Sour Drop
Dry Curry 86 Rice, Curry Powder, Carrot, Onion
Gyoza 88 Flour, Onion, Cabbage
Grilled Glitter Snapper 93 Glitter Snapper, Sour Drop
Fried Udon 95 Flour, Onion, Carrot, Cabbage
Gold Salmon Mill 97 Salmon, Butter, Sour Drop

Pot Recipes

Dish Level Ingredients
Rice Porridge 2 Rice
Marmalade 5 Orange
Udon 7 Flour
Grape Jam 9 Grapes
Apple Jam 10 Apple
Hot Chocolate 11 Chocolate
Boiled Spinach 13 Spinach
Hot Milk 17 Milk
Boiled Egg 18 Eggs
Yogurt 19 Sweet Powder, Milk (S)
Milk Porridge 20 Rice, Milk
Egg Bowl 21 Rice, Eggs
Boiled Pumpkin 25 Pumpkin
Strawberry Jam 27 Strawberry
Glazed Yam 28 Yam, Sweet Powder
Grilled Miso 29 Radish
Starfall Strawberry Jam 30 Starfall Strawberry
Cheese Fondue 32 Bread, Cheese
Grape Liqueur 39 Grapes, Wine
Rockfish Stew 45 Rockfish
Tempura Udon 54 Tempura, Udon
Curry Rice 55 Rice, Curry Powder, Carrot, Potato
Curry Udon 56 Flour, Curry
Spanish Mackerel Stew 57 Spanish Mackerel, Spinach
Tempura Bowl 70 Rice, Tempura
Relax Tea 73 Relax Tea Leaves, Honey, Pink Melon
Stew 87 Flour, Potato, Carrot, Onion, Milk (M)
Boiled Gyoza 89 Flour, Onion, Cabbage
Union Stew 94 Radish, Leek, Bok Choy, Hot-Hot Fruit, Mushrooms
Ultimate Curry 97 Curry Powder, Wine, Devil Blood, Heavy Spice, Onion, Golden Turnip
Royal Curry 98 Curry Powder, Apple, Honey, Mixed Herbs, Onion, Emery Flower

Steamer Recipes

Dish Level Ingredients
Dumplings 2 Rice Flour
Chinese Manju 15 Flour, Bamboo Sprout
Pound Cake 23 Flour, Eggs
Flan 29 Eggs, Milk
Steamed Bread 32 Flour, Eggs, Milk
Chocolate Sponge 35 Flour, Chocolate, Eggs, Milk
Cheese Bread 44 Flour, Cheese, Eggs, Milk
Pumpkin Flan 48 Pumpkin, Eggs, Milk
Starfall Pumpkin Pudding 53 Starfall Pumpkin, Egg (L), Milk (L)
Curry Manju 57 Flour, Curry
Meat Dumpling 82 Flour, Shrimp, Onion
Steamed Gyoza 90 Flour, Onion, Cabbage

Knife Recipes

Dish Level Ingredients
Pike Sashimi 1 Pike
Trout Sashimi 2 Masu Trout
Cherry Sashimi 3 Cherry Salmon
Needlefish Sashimi 4 Needlefish
Squid Sashimi 4 Squid
Girella Sashimi 6 Girella
Sardines Sashimi 8 Sardines
Salmon Sashimi 12 Salmon
Shrimp Sashimi 14 Shrimp
Char Sashimi 15 Char
Turbot Sashimi 21 Turbot
Rainbow Sashimi 26 Rainbow Trout
Flounder Sashimi 30 Flounder
Skipjack Sashimi 37 Skipjack
Lobster Sashimi 40 Lobster
Golden Eye Snapper Sashimi 45 Golden Eye Snapper
Snapper Sashimi 50 Snapper
Lamp Squid Sashimi 53 Lamp Squid
Fall Sashimi 58 Fall Flounder
Lover Sashimi 63 Lover Snapper
Yellowtail Sashimi 68 Yellowtail
Blowfish Sashimi 71 Blowfish
Tuna Sashimi 74 Tuna
Sunfish Sashimi 75 Sunfish
Sunsquid Sashimi 77 Sunsquid
Taimen Sashimi 79 Taimen
Glitter Sashimi 92 Glitter Snapper

Mixer Recipes

Dish Level Ingredients
Orange Juice 5 Orange
Grape Juice 7 Grapes
Apple Juice 11 Apple
Butter 15 Milk
Fruit Juice 18 Apple, Grapes, Orange
Ice Cream 25 Sweet Powder, Milk
Mayonnaise 28 Oil, Egg (S)
Strawberry Milk 33 Strawberry, Milk
Tomato Juice 35 Tomato
Fruit Smoothie 37 Fruit Juice, Milk
Ketchup 38 Tomato, Sour Drop
Vegetable Juice 59 Pumpkin, Turnip, Carrot, Spinach
Prelude to Love 61 Pink Melon, Strawberry
Veggie Smoothie 65 Vegetable Juice, Milk
Hot Juice 76 Heavy Spice, Hot-Hot Fruit
Pineapple Juice 81 Pineapple
Mixed Juice 83 Apple, Grapes, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Milk
Mixed Smoothie 91 Mixed Juice, Honey
Gold Juice 99 Golden Pumpkin, Golden Potato, Golden Turnip, Golden Cabbage, Emery Flower

Oven Recipes

Dish Level Ingredients
Bread 8 Flour
Baked Onigiri 10 Onigiri
Sweet Potato 20 Yam
Toast 21 Bread
Raisin Bread 27 Flour, Grapes
Jam Roll 34 Flour, Jam, Eggs, Milk
Apple Pie 36 Flour, Apple, Butter, Eggs
Cookie 38 Flour, Sweet Powder, Butter, Eggs
Seafood Doria 39 Rice, Shrimp, Cheese, Squid, Milk
Seafood Gratin 42 Flour, Shrimp, Cheese, Squid, Milk
Butter Roll 43 Flour, Butter, Eggs, Milk
Choco Cookie 45 Flour, Butter, Sweet Powder, Chocolate, Eggs
Cheesecake 46 Cheese, Sweet Powder, Eggs, Milk
Yam of the Ages 47 Sweet Powder, Butter, Yam, Milk
Chocolate Cake 48 Flour, Chocolate, Butter, Sweet Powder, Eggs, Milk
Corn on the Cob 52 Corn
Cake 54 Flour, Butter, Sweet Powder, Strawberry, Eggs, Milk
Seafood Pizza 56 Flour, Cheese, Ketchup, Shrimp, Squid
Pizza 60 Flour, Cheese, Ketchup, Green Pepper, Eggplant
Doria 84 Rice, Cheese, Onion, Milk
Gratin 85 Flour, Cheese, Onion, Milk

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