Brmaja Technology Egypt acquires Brmaja Commercial Saudi Arabia

Brmaja Technology Egypt signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to acquire Brmaja Commercial Saudi Arabia — which has a market value estimated at about $20m — on Sunday.

This step comes within the group’s strategy, which is based on consolidating investment relations between the two countries in addition to increasing the volume of local investments and attracting new professionals to accommodate the significant growth in the company’s business in the Egyptian market.

Contracts were signed with many private and government sector companies in the various fields and activities of the group.

Hatem Bakheet — Chairperson of Brmaja Group — said that the group and its two subsidiaries — Brmaja Technology Egypt and Brmaja Innovation Egypt — intend to pump more investments and expansions into the Egyptian market during the coming period, as it is one of the most popular and growing markets in various digital solution services.

This comes within the goals of the global Brmaja group, which is a leader in technological solutions and digital transformation, to increase the volume of its investments in the Egyptian market by 20% in 2022 in light of the development of Egyptian-Saudi relations, with an increase in the active role Saudi companies play in the Egyptian economy.

Bakheet explained that the group’s fields of work include IT programs, hardware and system integration, e-commerce solutions, digital media marketing, virtual call centers and solution development, digital platforms and artificial intelligence (AI) products, big data, and the Internet of Things.

Brmaja Group is present in 16 countries, including eight main countries — Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and the UAE — and offers its services in eight other countries, including the US, India, Pakistan, Algeria , Morocco, the UK, Canada, and Ukraine.

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