How Optus Sport is redefining the soccer fan experience

Optus Sports Is Redefining The Soccer Fan Experience

Optus Sport has been Australia’s go-to for football – or soccer in some parts of the world. Whether it’s football in Australia, Europe, the United States, or the Women’s League, it dominates Australia’s television. In the country, it’s been the premier source of the English Premier League (EPL), International Champions Cup, and FIFA World Cup.

However, in spite of its position in anything soccer-related, it’s still doing its best to provide and reformulate content and media towards its aging and new audiences. To know how Optus Sport redefines the soccer fan experience, continue reading.

Free trial with Optus Sport

The Optus Sport free trial runs for 14 days. However, it’s no longer available. Thankfully, people can now watch free content with Optus Sport’s latest offer to redefine the soccer fan experience and pull in new ones. The platform’s free content is nothing to scoff about. It has interviews and highlights many football fans would genuinely appreciate.

Premium content with top-end football on-air presenters

Optus Sport offers high-caliber analysts and experts who have backgrounds ranging from actual and former professional league players to veteran league team managers and coaches. These on-air presenters will guarantee you premium content and an excellent sports streaming experience for your favorite games.

With live games, you can also watch various Optus Sport originals, mini matches, mini classics, replays, highlights, fantasy league, and interviews from its platform.

The Optus Sport app experience

The great thing about Optus Sport is its app. Unlike its browser counterpart and its competitors in the sports streaming service, the Optus Sport is easy to use and intuitive. Watching and navigating a game is quick and straightforward. If you want to switch to another device or screen, you can use its screencast feature. You can know more about its handy features with this Optus Sport review.

You can install the app on most iOS to Android and even on a gaming console. The only limitation it has as of now is that you can’t watch its content if you’re outside Australia.

Some people try to get around the region lock by using virtual private networks (VPNs). However, the company’s VPN blocking and bans have proven hard to crack. Nevertheless, many people have been clamoring to Optus Sport to serve people outside the country as it’s one of the best sources of football-related content. Many traveling Australians want to make full use of their subscription whenever they’re traveling abroad.

The app also includes Optus Sport Fitness (OS Fitness). It is a feature that can help subscribers be mindful of their physical health through workouts. It’s a bonus content that can get you fit in the comfort of your home. In addition, its workout videos are superb, curated and created by renowned trainers.

Multiple channels

Optus Sport knows that it’s difficult to watch anything on-demand on television. Because of that, it offers six channels that present a variety of soccer content on every given day.

Optus Sport 1 is primarily where you can watch licensed matches like the premier leagues from different football associations (eg, EPL and FA Women’s Super League). The channel also provides statistics and news about the football teams, industry, and associations,

Optus Sport 2, on the other hand, is initially an overflow channel but has already become some sort of a second primary channel over the years. You can watch the other games on this channel when licensed matches from premier leagues are broadcasted simultaneously.

Optus Sport 3 up to 6 are dedicated overflow channels. Aside from replays and simultaneous broadcasts, these channels primarily show other games when the first two channels are already overcrowded with Premiere League content.

Optus Sport highlights screenshot

Stream through the NBN or mobile

Aside from accessing Optus Sport through your home internet, you can also watch your favorite games through a mobile broadband data plan. Still, home internet via the NBN usually offers more reliable and faster speeds. Moreover, to make your internet subscription plan easier to manage, you can get an NBN plan with Optus Sport. This is offered with unlimited data per month with speeds ranging from 50Mb/s to 100Mb/s.

As for the Optus Sport mobile broadband plans, they are more affordable but limited. Max data ranges from 5GB up to 100GB per month. Aside from the content you’ll get, you may also take advantage of the value-added services compounded with data such as OS Fitness. From time to time, there are Optus Sport deals and vouchers that you can take advantage of, depending on available promotions.

Below are Optus broadband plans with an included Optus Sport plan.


Currently, Optus Sport is the only best content resource for premier football games in the country. Given that it’s placed as the number one provider of everything soccer, it’s still doing its best to refine further what its subscribers are experiencing as football fans.

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