Why Chef Jeff Mauro Will Be A Great Mentor

On Worst Cooks Celebrity Edition, Chef Jeff Mauro should be a superb mentor. His skills and big personality may make him a perfect match for the show.

Chef Jeff Mauro is joining the cast of Worst Cooks In America Celebrity Edition: That’s So 90’sand he is the perfect mentor for the show. Worst Cooks is taking a trip back in time with a Nineties-themed season that includes celebrities who consider themselves some of the worst cooks in the country. The season’s stars are Lori Beth Denberg, Elisa Donovan, Tracey Gold, Jennie Kwan, Matthew Lawrence, Mark Long, Jodie Sweetin, Nicholle Tom, and Curtis Williams. They will be split into two teams and mentored by either Anne Burrell, who has appeared on every season of Worst Cooks or Jeff, who is new to the franchise.


According to a Food Network press release, this Worst Cooks In America Celebrity Edition will be chock full of outrageous challenges, including making elevated versions of classic TV dinners, participating in a 90’s-style game show, competing in a retro diner cooking relay, and mastering a superhero-themed obstacle course. During the finale, the two most improved recruits will create a restaurant-quality three-course meal for the guest judges. The winning recruit will earn $ 25,000 for the charity of their choice.

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Although this is Jeff’s first time as a mentor on the show, his participation in the That’s So 90’s season is a match made in culinary heaven. With his masterful cooking skills and zany personality, Jeff is the perfect person to transform these “celebrity cook disasters” into gourmet crowd pleasers. Jeff from Worst Cooks has so many qualities that might earn him and his team the win this season.

Jeff Is A Trained Chef And An Experienced Actor

According to his Food Network biography, Chicago native Jeff, who is 43-years-old, loved to make his large family laugh when he was a kid. At first, he thought he would have a career in the performing arts, but he fell in love with cooking. With his cousin, he opened up Prime Time Deli and Catering in Illinois, following his college graduation. Jeff would cook all day at the deli, and then played the role of Tony in the Chicago production of “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” at night. He soon moved to Los Angeles to try and “meld his two loves – cooking and comedy.” After a few years, he decided to enroll in the Le Cordon Bleu culinary program. There, he refined his cooking skills and graduated as the valedictorian. Worst Cooks‘Jeff will be able to relate to the actors who appear on Worst Cooks In America Celebrity Editionand he will use his vast cooking knowledge to help them improve their skills.

Jeff Won A Reality Cooking Show

In 2011, Jeff won Food Network Star season 7, a show in which chefs competed to earn the chance to film a pilot episode of a potential Food Network cooking series. From the first episode, Jeff’s vision was clear: he wanted to make a show that highlighted his passion for sandwiches. His motto was, “You can make any meal into a sandwich, and any sandwich into a meal.” Although it seemed like an impossible task at first, he wowed the judges with his ability to transform all types of food into sandwiches, and emerged the winner. Jeff’s Emmy-nominated series Sandwich King premiered in August 2011. While competing on Food Network Star, Jeff had to use a great deal of imagination and creativity in order to adapt his idea to the challenges of the show each week. He learned how to do it all while under the pressure of the time constraints of the competition. Because of this, Jeff will surely have some good advice on how to win Worst Cooks In America Celebrity Edition.

Jeff Is Funny

Worst Cooks In America Celebrity Edition is not one of Food Network’s highbrow shows. It is a silly and noisy carnival of culinary craziness, and Jeff will fit right in. As a co-host of The Kitchen, Jeff is known for having a big personality and entertaining the audience. His Instagram account is filled with funny videos of himself singing, dancing, and having fun cooking with his son, Lorenzo. The video above, made for his company, Mauro Provisions, is a hilarious example of Jeff’s sense of humor.

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On the Food Network competition show Worst Cooks In America Celebrity Edition: That’s So 90’s, Jeff will be an amusing foil to Anne’s more serious mentoring style. However, he will not take the show as a joke. With his creative cooking ideas and ability to work well under pressure, Jeff will be able to guide his recruits to the finale. Jeff has the training and imagination to give veteran mentor Anne a run for her money.

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