ARPA One-Time Supplemental Payment to Provide Funding for Technology That Enhances the Provision of HCBS

ODP Announcement 22-043 provides information regarding the part of the Office of Developmental Programs’ (ODP) ARPA plan wherein providers can receive a one-time supplemental payment for technology-related activities that strengthen and enhance home and community-based services (HCBS) . The following activities would be supported by this initiative:

  • Purchase of assistive and/or remote support technology;
  • Purchase and implementation of new software or technology for electronic health records;
  • Technology associated with improving quality or risk management functions;
  • Technology professional credentialing identified in ODP provider qualifications; and
  • Purchase of consulting services to enhance technological capabilities.

This initiative is designed to enhance HCBS by:

  • Replacing staff functions with the use of technology, allowing staff time to be directed to other care activities;
  • Providing individuals greater independence and choice using technology; and
  • Improving quality of care through implementation of solutions like electronic health records and integrated data solutions.

Support Coordination Organizations: As part of the ODP ARPA plan, SCOs can receive a one-time supplemental payment for technology-related activities that enhance HCBS by:

  • Improving capacity to conduct remote monitoring of individuals;
  • Improving efficiency of Supports Coordinators, including maximizing time in the field;
  • Obtaining or enhancing secure inter-office communications; and
  • Implementing technology-dependent quality improvement strategies.

This announcement includes the Application for Providers and Application for Supports Coordination Organizations.


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