Combating Computer and Technology Scams in the Twin Tiers

WAVERLY VILLAGE, NY (WETM) – On the heels of Russia and Ukraine, tech scams have become more prevalent in the United States.

Experts say having the proper cyber security methods in place is vital.

A lot of the cyber-attacks that you may have heard about usually occur because someone has been tricked into interacting with a file they’re not supposed to.

“It’s not someone sitting behind a dark screen. It’s more like an opportunist, right like someone called they got a hold of the right person. They tricked them into giving them a username and password, and now you’re along for the ride. So, the most important piece to any cybersecurity program is going to be end-user training. ” said Kyle Ackland, Technology Director, Waverly School District.

Ackland suggests investing in a password manager to combat cyber-attacks on your computer and technology software.


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