LASD board approves technology purchase, property sale | News

The Ludington Area Schools Board of Trustees on Monday approved the purchase of a one-to-one ratio between devices and students in the form of iPads with keyboards.

Superintendent Kyle Corlett said he was really excited about the fact high school students will have a keyboard to plug into their iPads to type.

“I think this is what our students need,” he said.

The purchase of the new round of iPads for grade K-12 will come at a cost of $846,561 but only the iPads for the high school will include keyboards, according to Corlett.

He said for middle school students, the district will eventually like to offer a keyboarding and technology class. The new cases for those students won’t have keyboards. Instead, each classroom will be equipped with keyboards.

Monday’s regular board meeting was held in the administration office, located at 809 E. Tinkham Ave.

Following a short board discussion about the two bids for the purchase of the former Pere Marquette Early Childhood Center property, the board, in a roll call vote, approved the sale of Pere Marquette property to Dreamweaver Lures for $115,250.

The trustees awarded the demolition of Franklin Elementary School to Specialized Demolition for $162,750.

Also on Monday, the trustees awarded the issuance of 2022 school building and site bonds, series II for $59,560,000 to Citibank because it offered the highest interest rate.

“The interest earned would be $670,000 and that was right on budget for what we anticipated,” he said. “That interest will go back into bond projects.”

The board appointed Tyrone Collins to represent the district to receive asbestos assessment training through the ADHERA compliance resolution.

Corlett said the EPA requires schools to supplement an asbestos management coordinator. The school board approved five new hires: Patricia Boes, Jody Rhodes and Sharilyn Rotta as food service aides; Kate Watkins as a Ludington Elementary School aide; and, Catherine Webster, a transportation aide. Several resignations were accepted on Monday: Diana Gatzke, Ludington Elementary School aide; Heather Killips, food service aide; Sandra Ramirez, OJ DeJonge Middle School assists; and, Amy Wojcicki, English Language Learner Coordinator.


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