Maverick Until Technology Allowed It To “Delve Deeper Into The Experience Of A Fighter Pilot”

Top gun Maverick is out in cinemas May 25, and there’s a new video that gives us a sneak peek into the training the cast underwent to be able to film in real jets. Tom Cruise wanted as much of the film as possible to be practical, which meant the actors had to learn how to handle the experience of all the G force professional fighter pilots endure.

In the video, Cruise says, “I wasn’t ready to make a sequel until we had a special story, worthy of a sequel. And until technology evolved so we could delve deeper into the experience of a fighter pilot.”

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Producer Jerry Bruckheimer said, “The aviation sequences had to be real. So, our actors went through three months of gruelling training.” Actors Greg Tarzan Davis, Miles Teller, Monica Barbaro, and Cruise himself all went through a US Navy training program where they learned how to escape from a submerged aircraft and withstand the forces acting on a person flying at supersonic speeds.


This was all done so that Top Gun: Maverick could feature practical footage of the actors in F-18 Super Hornets. This was done by Tom Cruise teaching them how to fly in single engine airplanes “to build up their spatial awareness inside the aircraft.” Then they flew in an L-39 jet to get the feeling of what type of plane was like, before finally getting launched off an aircraft carrier in F-18s.

As well as learning how to act in the jets while they were in the air, they also had to learn how to operate the cameras that were on there, as there wasn’t room for a professional camera operator in there.

After the first teaser trailer for Top Gun Maverick dropped at Comic-Con 2019, the film was meant to premiere in July 2019, but was delayed to get more interesting flight footage. It was then delayed again back in April last year due to concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic.

With all the effort the cast put into learning how to act and operate a camera in a jet, it makes sense the creators of the film would want to get the best flight footage possible for the movie.

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