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Stan Sports vs Kayo

There are many ways to watch sport the world over and Australia is no different. Since Kayo Sports arrived in 2018 it has well and truly taken the sports streaming world by storm. This is in no small part due to the fact it offers customers the chance to stream all of Foxtel’s sports channels without having to commit to a fixed contract – and without the necessity of subscribing to other non-sports channels.

Kayo has the best in local and international sports and with over 50 live and on-demand sports available to view across the calendar year, no other streaming service really comes close.

Stan Sports is a more recent competitor to Kayo Sports, with streaming service Stan launching their sports-dedicated platform in early 2021. With an initial focus on Rugby Union, Stan Sports has slowly begun to branch out into the world of tennis, and it won it’ll be long before it broadens its offering.

We’re going to look at which service offers the best packages in terms of money and entertainment so you can find out the best option for all your sporting needs.

Coverage comparison: Kayo vs Stan

Kayo and Stan both offer a number of sports streaming channels for you to watch sports live or on demand at a time and place that suits you.

What can I watch on Kayo Sports?

Kayo Sports provide customers with over 50 sports events, tournaments and matches throughout the calendar year – thanks to its ties with Fox Sports, Kayo’s sporting access is almost unrivaled for a streaming service.

There are 14 channels to choose from that cover a huge amount of sports, with 8 channels available from Fox Sports alone – including their dedicated Cricket channel and Fox Sports 506. While this covers the majority of major sport in Australia, there’s more from around the world to access, too.

With links to ESPN, Kayo offers the best of American sport with the NBA, NFL and NHL, as well as access to BeIN sports channels that will allow you to view everything from European football to Formula 1 to live tennis.

What can I watch on Stan Sport?

Stan Sports offer a specialist angle on sports streaming – particularly with Rugby Union. Pretty much any and every rugby union competition the world over will be available on Stan, making it an excellent choice for rugby union fans.

Add to that specialist offering the likes of top-tier European football with the UEFA Champions League and Grand Slam Tennis, you won’t be missing out if your preferred sporting entertainment falls within these sports.

When you’ve signed up to Stan, you also gain access to hoards of Hollywood movies and Stan originals and thousands of hours of TV content, so it’s a great all-rounder.

Price comparison

kayo vs stan

Now for the part that affects your bank balance – the cost.

Kayo Sports

As a popular sports streaming platform, Kayo Sports offer two main price plans for you to watch and stream sports in Australia. Their basic plan is $25 a month. Their basic plan allows you to stream all the sport you want on two compatible devices simultaneously in high definition.

The premium plan with Kayo offers the same wide range of sports as the basic plan, with the added benefit of being able to stream on three devices at once rather than two.

With both plans you’re free to cancel your monthly, rolling contract at any time you please, and the same goes for upgrading or downgrading your plan. With no lock-in plans, you’re free to cancel at any time with no charge for doing so, offering excellent flexibility.

Stan Sports

Stan Sports is a cheaper option on the surface, with its sports plan available for $10 per month. However, you must first subscribe to Stan’s basic non-sports plan, which is between $10-19 per month – meaning the overall cost to subscribe to Stan Sports lies between $20-29 per month.

Free trials

Both streaming services do offer a free trial period to new customers to try out their service, which can be used to watch your favorite tournaments before deciding whether its worth paying for a subscription.

Kayo’s 14 day free trial offer is a great way to check out their range of features as well as gain access to any sport you’re looking for, though Stan do have a bit of an edge here as they offer a 30 day trial to new streaming customer.

Kayo and Telstra

Existing Telstra customers can benefit from a discounted Kayo subscription with the Telstra Kayo offer, allowing customers to access a discount of $10 on either subscription plan. That means you have the chance to stream Kayo for $15 per month (basic) or $25 per month (premium) to enjoy all the sports streaming you want.


Both streaming services are available across the usual suspects of compatible devices, offering downloadable apps for Apple and Android devices, while also being available on PCs, Macs, smart TVs and more.

Stan does have the advantage of being compatible with a higher number of smart TVs, too.

the verdict

In our opinion it’s a little bit of a no-brainer. When it comes to cost and pure range of sporting access, Kayo Sports is the clear winner.

Add into the mix the fact that Kayo has additional features that other sports streaming services don’t offer, such as No Spoilers, Interactive Stats, Kayo Minis and SplitView – the ability to watch four different sports at once – it really does lie undefeated as a sports streaming service.

Stan Sports shouldn’t be discounted entirely, however, as it’s a great option for those who would enjoy taking advantage of Stan’s regular streaming service and only have an interest in the specific sports that Stan provides.

It really does lie with the customer, but for pure sporting streaming, Kayo is the one for us.

Other sports streaming services

If Kayo might not be quite the thing you’re looking for, check out the following streaming TV services available below that also show live sport in Australia. Most of the options below offer a free trial period, so you might as well test the waters for each service and decide for yourself which is best for your needs!

What people ask about Kayo and Stan

Check out the FAQs of these 2 streaming services

  • What is the best sports streaming service in Australia?

There are a great many options when it comes to sports streaming in Australia, with the stand out options being Foxtel Now and Kayo Sports due to their wide range of sports events and channels, as well as the special features offered. Other streaming services, however, have unique offering – such as Stan Sports and their specialist rugby union access.

If you’re sporting mad, Kayo is the streaming service for you. It’s wide range of additional features, such as SplitView and No Spoilers, make it a desirable option for many sports fans in Australia. The huge number of sports it offers are also a great pull.

  • Is Stan the same as Kayo?

Stan Sports and Kayo Sports are both sports streaming subscription services that offer live and on-demand sports viewing in Australia, but they are not the same. Kayo has a wider offering of sports and access to Foxtel Sports, ESPN and BeIN sporting channels, while Stan offers unique access to rugby union, UEFA Champions League football and Grand Slam Tennis.

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